Run Organization

An established TrackWise system needs a lot of support. The complexity of the system and its processes inevitably lead to plenty of queries from the users. The numerous possible combinations of fields, user rights, interfaces and process procedures regularly lead to new requirements and scenarios, which were not covered or sufficiently taken into account during the development phase. Processes must be modified and configurations must be reconsidered. The organisation running the system is generally responsible for its operation and for ensuring that it runs smoothly.


The main responsibilities of the organisation running a system include communication with the users and potential key or power users, providing support to the corresponding user groups and passing on queries as part of global business support. To register queries, to forward them and process them, a company-specific tracking or ticket system is required which also permits extensive evaluation.

Incident and bug handling

Our experience in this field allows us to quickly categorise questions, to introduce corresponding processes if necessary, and to send the user a satisfactory answer as quickly as possible. This area also includes so-called incident and bug handling, which requires quick and effective processing when things get serious and which represents an important part of the services which we provide.