Demand Management

The subjects that arise during business support often lead to modifications and optimisation of processes and of the system itself. Users can also notify the organisation running the system of their own ideas and supply requests for changes, to suggest measures which would increase efficiency. Demand management involves pre-filtering the corresponding optimisation options, to filter out the practicable suggestions and to prevent an excess of change requests and associated work.


Pre-filtered suggestions (demands) are discussed together with the process owner concerned and the IT department. As necessary they will be modified, will be correspondingly prioritised and organised as part of the release management, which summarises all changes into packages for implementation in the system and prepares them for the preceding validation. Such changes inevitably lead to modifications to the training material, which has to be permanently updated and which, as required, can lead to mandatory retraining of users.

Our experts have many years of experience in this field and can make use of a wide spectrum of technical knowledge, permitting practical demand planning and controlled releases of your application.