TrackWise Support

SpartaSystems’ enterprise quality management system (EQMS), called TrackWise, offers a comprehensive solution for globally active companies to establish precise processes and workflows.

The system is in use around the world and is fully recognised by national authorities such as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


To integrate a company’s global processes into a workflow, TrackWise uses so-called records, which follow predefined processes, incorporating various activities and the record’s status. A variety of user groups with role-specific rights can use the records accordingly and further process them. Interfaces permit interaction with external databases and supporting web services run in the background, and coordinators ensure the smooth course of the automated activities.


Trackwise also permits customer and company databases to be created (entities), which can enable effective tracking and quick initialisation of the records.

Reports which can be heavily customised are also part of the system and numerous other options round off the profile of TrackWise.


Zamann Pharma Support has worked for several years with TrackWise applications in a variety of companies and can offer in-depth technical knowledge for the optimisation and maintenance of your TrackWise system. We would be happy to accompany you from your first steps with the system, through to its deployment and the hypercare phase, right up to establishing an organisation to run the system and to provide ongoing business support.